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Quest for a Hammond

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Looking through Craigslist on Wednesday, I found an ad for a Hammond M3. Kelly and I talked about it, I called the seller, and Thursday night I picked up TWO M3’s. The seller (Jay) just bought a B2 and didn’t have room. One M3 needs some work, and the second is actually in really good shape, having been worked on by a local  company a few years ago.


Here are some pictures:

M3 #1:

Serial Number 69137

Worked on fairly recently.

M3 69137 Front   M3 69137 Front 3


M3 #2:

Serial Number 111919

Needs some work

111919 Top

   111919 Top

M3 111919 Front 3


Tomorrow I rearrange the garage and studio, and get 69137 in the studio and powered up. Eventually I’ll get time to work on 111919 and get it up and running.