Springtime and Music – and a Hammond update

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Not updating this page very often – I’ll have to get into practice this, even if it’s only for me to take time to reflect on what I’ve been doing (or not doing).

Here goes –

Writing and Recording

Been focusing on a few songs, but am not getting a lot of traction on them. Allen Marshall (guitarist and co-conspirator) and I are trying to renew our musical working relationship. Hopefully we’ll get some traction this summer on this.


Last August I went looking for a Hammond Console (as opposed to a spinet, of which the M3 is one). I found an RT3, which is basically the BIG brother of the Hammond B3. While I don’t use the additional feature of the RT3, someday I just may. the RT3 has a larger set of bass pedals as well as additional pedal voices. ItĀ is also wider to accommodate them, by about 8 inches and outweighs the B3 by enough that you need an additional person to lift it. This makes the RT3 more of a permanent installation candidate, which suits me fine (don’t want to haul around 450 pounds of organ to gigs). It and the Leslie speaker fill about 20-25% of my studio space, so it’s getting crowded in there.

This past week I had a local Hammond tech out to look at it, and he proclaimed it in very good shape. However, the drawbars (the sliders that allow you to customize the Hammond sound ) need to be cleaned, which requires they be removed. The goal is to have them back by the end of July and have a very happy RT3.


Joined a local, new band called “Freefall” in December. I played with two of the members previously (guitarist Craig and vocalist Keely), I didn’t know the rest of the players. Turns out Greg (bass), Jerry (drums ) and Nikki (vocals) are excellent. We tried to pick songs that were popular, but off the beaten track of every other middle-aged-classic-rock-band. The challenging tunes include Kansas, Toto, Genesis, Heart, a bit of Styx, Peter GabrielĀ and others. If I had my druthers we’d “play songs you won’t hear other classic rock bands play” and fill out our sets accordingly. For me, it’s about the song and doing a good job playing the song as a band. Some songs will take time to work out, some songs are not playable live , but there are enough songs out there that fit in the wheelhouse that I think we could have fun, be challenged, and make it a great time for the audience.


Don’t talk much about the family on this site, but considering the lack of progress on the current album I think making mention – however brief – will give people an idea of the challenges.

  1. Two teenagers
  2. Busy wife (real estate agent now, and getting busier)
  3. Elderly family members
  4. Day job, plus investment properties (bought two in the last year, and currently renovating one)

Enough said.

Stay tuned – Will be adding photos of the studio and the keyboard station build soon –