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Now based just outside Seattle, WA, and available for live gigs here.


With today’s technology: DAW’s, plug ins, live instruments, I can help with recordings without the need to physically co-locate, either real-time through Zoom or another video messaging platform, by phone, or through email (what used to be the old fashioned way!).

While not limited to these services, I strive to help you achieve your musical goals quickly:

  • Composition
  • Recording (keyboards, synths, orchestral simulation)
  • Synth programming, Arranging and/or Orchestration
  • Mixing
  • Project Prep

I’m available for a free consultation to scope your project and make certain we are a good fit.

Teaching / Coaching

I can help you learn many aspects of music and production. While this is one of my primary services, it is a service that I enjoy and feel I can add a great deal of value to your music making experience with and pay forward the help that my teachers and mentors provided me with over decades.



Music Theory, Arranging, Composition

Other services are available – contact me with your needs and we’ll work out the deetails